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We help you to discover your needs, build and operate your IoT solution in an agile way and with no complexity.


Device management

Konker platform allows you to manage millions of devices and provides real-time connectivity and scalability for your Internet of Things solution. Konker platform ensures an intelligent management and safety for your devices to interact and exchange data only with authorized applications throughout their life cycle.

Data Management in real time

Konker platform helps you to create intelligent solutions analyzing data in real time. Using the platform, the solution can make decisions in real time by shooting scripts with workflows and customizable notifications and also trigger other devices.

With simple connections, the platform can enable the automatic creation of a new activation on your CRM or a new order on your ERP. If some device is tampered, the platform dynamically adjusts the automation.



Intelligent products must ensure full safety in order to protect services, data and users.
Based on best market practices, Konker platform will help you to control:

• how users, applications and devices are authenticated and authorized;
• how data is stored or protected during a transaction.

In addition, access management is customizable to suit any solution.

Rich analysis and insights

Konker platform allows data analysis and taking smart action. The data generated in your solution can be analyzed in real time automatically, letting you know how your product is working, who your customers are, where they are, with whom they connect and how the interaction drives sales, for example. Use our dashboard to track all transactions of mode simply and quickly.


Connection management

Konker platform works with all connectivity technologies, hardware chips, text messages, sensors and smart tags (QR , NFC, BLE, RFID).

SDKs for embedded devices provide real-time connectivity control offline and support MQTT protocols Coap, WebSockets, Http, among others.